Virtual Nature

Do you know the difference between AuthenticNature, VirtualNature and DigitalNature? We recommend this article that proposes several areas where virtual nature may be a beneficial addition to actual nature: How cool!

Can technology help us connect with Nature?

The value of technology in connecting to nature and deepening our understanding of the natural world is a hot topic at the moment, considering the impact tech has on the environment and on forming a disconnect between people and nature. But, can technology be embraced to connect with nature on a deeper level? This interesting …

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Spreading Knowledge

In May, whilst participating in a training activity for Virals Erasmus+ involving experienced youth workers, young people, and other stakeholders of our project, members of Smartup S.L. and Polygonal were fortunate to be able to present and share Call2Nature Project with members representing Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands and Spain It was a pleasure …

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Scan and learn!

Picture this: a majestic butterfly stops right in front of you! You can now use your phone to learn more about it! There are many apps you can use to scan the animals in front of you and find out more about their species. Give it a go!

Connect with Nature

This is your weekly reminder to connect with #nature! Here are a few ways you can use your phone to do it: Join a #birdwatching group for text or call notifications about interesting sightings. Download a nature-sound ringtone for your phone. Call a botanical garden for recommendations for #localhikes. Follow #environmentalprotection οrganizations on social media …

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