The impact of phone production

Did you know that it is the production of the phone that has the biggest environmental impact in its life cycle?

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In a life cycle screening of the mobile phone’s impact on the environment and climate

Forbrugerrådet Tænk (a Danish consumer non-profit organization) in collaboration with ICRT (International Consumer Research & Testing) concludes that it is the phone’s production that burdens the environment and climate the most, while power consumption during the phone’s lifetime does not burden as much.

The phone production process is more impactful than people realize

YOU can reduce the impact by keeping your phone for a longer period of time and by choosing a brand that promises to update the phone several years into the future. Then take good care of that phone!

In addition to that, it is also important that the manufacturers make sure to give the mobile phones the possibility of a long life by guaranteeing updates and ensuring that repairs are easy and cheap. How can we influence the phone companies to do so?

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